Sunday, October 6, 2013

DIY Felt Monster Stuffie

Please welcome Mr. Spottieback One-eye.

Mr. One-eye is the first felt monster I've made. So it was all make it up as you go kind of a deal.
How did I make it? Why, I thought you'd never ask.

It's very simple really, me being all for simplicity and all that..
(I'm sorry I forgot to take pics of the process)

First I cut two pieces from two colours of felt for the body. I just said head, legs and cut. I also cut a strip of felt from a third colour long enough to go around the body.That's it.

Then I cut one white circle and one smaller dark blue circle for the eye.
Thirdly, I wanted circles from different coloured felts for spots. Thankfully I already had these, scraps from another project.

Then I hand-sewed the eye to the front peice and the spots to the back piece. Oh I almost forgot, I put a bit of padding into the eye as well. Just to have it pop out a bit.

The sewing up part:
I sewed up one long side of the long felt (red in this case) strip facing the right side of the front piece. Then I matched the right side of the back piece to the right side of the front piece and sewed up the the other long side of the red strip to the back piece. Left a little opening.
Turned the stuffie rightside out and stuffed with padding. Hand sewed the opening close.

Tada! Mr. One-eye.

This is the back view. 

More felt projects coming this way.

Felt story board.

Stackable felt rings.