Saturday, January 9, 2010

The prettiest black flower necklace


Same as the last one. Actually this was done earlier.  & the necklace is not crocheted. Just braided yarn. I think the button on the flower looks nice. Don't you?

Book Baker out!

p.s As you can see, I'm using picnik at a rate here to edit my pics. It's a really cool site. (And no, they're not paying me to say it :) )

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Simple crochet necklaces

OOh so pretty! If I may say so myself. Simple crochet necklaces how to.

Not only are these very easy to make even for a person who doesn't crochet, but they're also rather cute.

What you need

1. 2 balls of different coloured crochet yarn. (Or one, or more as you prefer)
2. Crochet hook
3. A string of matching coloured sewing thread
4. Needle
5. Youtube access (if you're like me)
6. Necklace clasp or large bead of matching colour

So Here's how to.

I just crocheted 4 long chains using both white & earth coloured yarn held together as one. If you don't know how to crochet, do what I did before I learnt how to. (Which is not much even now by the way). Take 3 long strands (2 2/1 times to 3 times) of intended necklace size (In this case 3 pairs of 2 different colours held together) and braid them as you would your hair. (if you're long haired)

By varying the lengths of the chains you can actually acheive a really nice effect.Take a piece of thread & sew the chains together at each end. Sew the necklace clasp accordingly or if you're using a large bead instead, sew the bead to one end & sew a loop to the other end of the necklace.

Now the flowers,

I learnt this by going through some crochet flower tutorial videos on youtube. But here's how they basically go.

chain 5
attach the last chain link to the first by slip knot
chain 3 (counting as the 1st doublie crochet), double rochet 9 around the ring and join
to make the first petal, chain 3 (counting as the 1st double crochet), 3 double crochet in the next stitch, chain 2 & slip knot into the next stitch.
Repeat 4 more times for 4 more petals.

Using a smaller hook will give you a smaller flower & using a bigger hook (Err, duh!) & using triple crochet (I think that's the word, correct me if I'm wrong people) will give you a bigger flower.

Trial & error folks. I tried to improvise first, before I thought to look in Youtube & that flower wasn't too bad either. Not great, but passable.

And if you don't crochet, hate crochet, but still like these necklaces, make fabric flowers (Cut about 6 to seven circles of fabric, singe the edges & stictch in the middle with a few beads- More on that later? Information overload eh?) & attach. Fabric flowers rock!

Happy crocheting everyone! :)

BookBaker out!

I just might give away a crochet flower necklace to anyone who can guess who it is in the pictures. (Or not)

Just so you know,  my craft resolution for the month is everything recycling polythene/plastic.  Pictures of what I made, later.

Sunday, January 3, 2010