Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Meet CupCake

Hello, fellow crafters out there!! It's been a long long while..

Meet My dearest, closest, bestest friend, CupCake.

While being my best friend, she also happens to be a great crafter. I have tasted her food, and yep, they are great. Last time I was at her place, she made the most delicious tofu dish I've ever tasted I' tell you.

While I was loafing around in her house, I also happened to notice a beautiful piece of knit. And she happened to be wearing a summer dress that she herself had sewed.

Her crafty skills are thus endless. But these are not the only things that make her a great person.

She's fun to be with. Extremely caring. When I'm down & snotty she comes to my rescue. Shows me that maybe things aren't as bad as they seem to me & that maybe I'm a little bit too prejudiced. :D

Why I'm sometimes envious of her? :) She can eat as much as she wants & never puts on a pound. & has the biggest loveliest eyes ever. 

For my wedding gift, she gave me a hand-made clutch purse that I love. You should try making one. The one I got was BEAUTIFUL.

BookBaker Out.

So many crafts coming out very very soon on my blog. :)

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