Thursday, February 23, 2012

Cooking like a Sri Lankan : Intro


Welcome to the "Cooking like a Sri Lankan" series. From today, we will take a journey into the very diverse and yum yum Sri Lankan Cooking. Sri Lanka is a multi-ethnic and a multi-religious country with past colonial influences reflecting  this diversity and cultural richness in their food. Sinhalese cuisine and Tamil cuisine have slight differences due to their respective spice mixtures. But all these foods are enjoyed by everyone alike.

The main staple in Sri Lankan cuisine is rice with a variety of dishes supplementing rice at meals. Most of the dishes are well flavoured with spice mixtures and are quite hot to the taste. But once you have Sri Lanksn food, no other kind will quite do. It's that awesome.

We will be starting the series with how to make Sri Lankan curry powder. Two main kinds of curry powders are used in Sinhalese households, namely roasted and raw. The Tamil household variation is slightly different resulting in an altogether different and equally lovely smell and taste.

I hope you enjoy the series and take time to indulge yourself by trying out Sri Lankan recipes. I assure you that you will never forget this unique experience.

First to come: Sri lankan roasted curry powder, known by the locals as "Badapu Thuna Paha"


  1. I hope you're covering desserts!

  2. Excellent ! :D So glad u r posting too !! :)

  3. Hi Angel, yep. I am.. :) And Sach, yep.. Thanks,, :)