Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Shopping alone

I I went shopping in the morning. You can't call it a proper shopping spree exactly but well, I had to go.I had downloaded a few dress patterns & didn't have good fabric to make them with. I saw this shop on Galle road with a nice name & it looked like they'd have a good stock of material. Guess what!! Big surprise! They didn't have anything good.

Well, not anything. I found a lovely crepe Georgette (I still don't know what I'm going to do with it) and bought silk in 2 colours. Maroonish brown & navy blue. I know exactly what I'm going to sew with them. So when I'm done I will post some pics in here. And guess for whom one of them is? 

You know how shopping is boring when done alone. You need a partner to go shopping with. In my case if I shop alone not only I tend to shop faster (Who wants that?) I scoot through everything so fast that Im not having half the fun I'd be having with another person. And when I'm alone I don't go to the same shop twice and don't back track. (Oh humanity!)

People I usually shop with.

1. My man
Awww.. He complains. Of course he does. But I think he likes to complain about my shopping & I like him complaining about it. What endears him to me most is when he sits in a shop while I'm parading  in front of him in different "costumes" (heh hee...) or browsing through all the shoes/clothes/fabric/paper/jewelry/etc/etc/etc (depending on what shop we are in) and manages to look so bored but answers all my questions in rapid succession, never missing a beat.
(Do you think I'm fat?- No darling, Are you sure?-yes of course, does this make me look fat?- No, maybe you should pick white)
One of the reasons I love him so...

2. Nangi

We have so much fun shopping together. We strategically don't whine about the things we can't have ("Oohh.. Isn't that a gorgeous top?" Look at the price tag "Nah.. The colour isn't all that flattering".
Something I've noticed, my sis & I manage to have the most philosophical conversations while we shop.(Contrary to the popular belief that shopping & deep thoughts don't go together). Sometimes we fight. But there's no argument that a good shopping spree can solve between the two of us.

3. My self (The topic being people I usually shop with, I shop with myself)

Moving on from shopping news, I've decided to have a craft resolution for every month. That's gotta be fun. This is apart from all  the sewing & what not.

And my craft resolution for this month?
I'm going to learn wire crochet. :)


  1. "And guess for whom one of them is? "

    oooh I KNOW I KNOW !!! :D :D :D

  2. OMG wire crotchet is tough, but a great skill :) Good luck :)

  3. cannot wait to see that dress!! :) Why oh why did I never learn to sew...sniff*

  4. "does this make me look fat?- No, maybe you should pick white"

    LOL...! clearly experienced in conflict avoidance... :D

  5. Oh no, you are being very cruel hauling a poor man around your shopping expeditions. Shall report you to the RSPCM...