Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Really easy beaded necklace


This is a simple necklace that's super easy to make & is really pretty. All you need to make this are the following simple things.
1.  Crochet yarn or pearl cotton (floss) of the colour of your choice
2.  Tiny shiny beads

3. One big bead of the colour of your yarn for the clasp

How to make the necklace

1. Decide how long you want your necklace to be.
Overall, mine is around 44 inches before clasping it, so once I wear mine it becomes 22"& reaches down to my waist.
2. Decide how many strands you're going to have in your necklace.
I made mine with three strands. You can make yours with starting from 2 strands to as many as you want.
3. Add around an inch or two to your overall length of choice & cut the number of strands you want from your yarn.
I used brown pearl cotton & used three strands of yarn of 45"
4. Tie one end of all three (hypothetically) strands together in a knot. Make sure that the knot won't come off, unraveling the necklace.
5. Here's the fun part. Beading.
I used tiny shiny metal beads. But you can use anything you like.
Start inserting the strands of yarn through the beads. (To make beading easier you can thread the yarn through separate needles if you wish)
To begin with insert the only first yarn through first bead, then the first & the second yarn both together through the second bead, all three yarns together through the third bead, the second & the third yarn through the fourth bead & so on. You can mix the order as you wish. See the picture.

6. Continue beading until you come to the other end of your yarn. Like me, when beading you can leave space between the beads or insert beads so that the yarn won't show.
7. Tie the loose ends in a knot & trim.
8. Sew the big bead you selected to one end.
9. To the other end, sew a loop with the same yarn to clasp the bead you attached.

That's it. See how easy it is. I wear mine. So should you. You made it yourself.

Pictures courtesy of MiddleChild. Thank you very much. :D

I'm sure this can also be made with really thin metal wire & beads. When I make one, I'll put it up here. :)


  1. oh wow. I will definitely try this! it iwll take me a while to figure out the beading/ needle stuff - but it's very tempting!! im going shopping one of these days :D :D

  2. Try it, try it, & let me know Ok..there are more posts on handmade jewelry on the way..

  3. Is this just a hobby? They look very good.

  4. would u know where i can get some deco feathers and beads in diff colours? :)

  5. Jack Point- Yeah it is just a hobby. I like to try my hand at everything. :) Thank you.
    Dee- Srina palace. I think I saw some decor feathers there. But I'm gng to check out Pettah soon for stuff & willl let you know. But Pettah is definitely the place for beads.