Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A little black dress for my sister

AA little black dress for my sister. I sew this a few months ago out of a piece of black satin that was lying around.

I know, I know, It's far from perfect. But I think it looks good on her.

It obviously needs to be ironed. And in retrospect, if i were to do this again I would probably change a few things.

1. Use fusible interfacing for hems. ( I've just discovered them & am using them for everything.. :D)
2. Not use so many darts.

But for all the imperfections, in my defense, I designed, made the pattern, cut & sew this all by myself. And my sister looks gorgeous in it. And when I make something for her, that's all I can ask for right?

Pictures courtesy of MiddleChild. Thank you. :)

BookBaker out!. (dorky much? I'm just watching Stargate Universe & it's catchy) :)


  1. This is really nice.
    I should try this too…
    You are so talented girly :)

  2. omg i wish my sis did this :(

  3. wow, you can bake..and sew. sighhh.

    lovely :) and yes MC does look good in this..that itself is a rare achievement :P HAHAHAHA. Sorry :P is this a public comment? oops.