Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Everything Home made: Strawberry Lip Gloss


This is the easiest ever! A pinch of this & a pinch of that & viola!

What you need (for one small pot of lip gloss)

1 tsp petroleum jelly (Vaseline)
1 tsp of coconut oil
a few drops of olive oil
1 tsp of corn starch
1 tsp of strawberry or any other preferred fruit jam
1 tsp pf honey or golden syrup
a drop of food colouring to match. (Pink or red to match the kind of fruit jam used)
an old lip gloss pot

Black dots are strawberry seeds.

How to make it

Boil the empty old lip gloss pot in hot water so that it will not be contaminated.
In a small microwave safe dish add the first three ingredients & mix well with a very clean spoon.
Microwave for about 30 seconds until the mixture becomes a clear liquid.
Add the corn starch & mix well.
Add the strawberry jam, honey & the food colouring & mix well.
Microwave again for about 30 seconds.
Take out of the microwave & stir until the whole mixture comes together or else the Vaseline will separate.
Pour into the prepared pot & cool for about quarter of an hour.

There you have it. Home made lip gloss with real fruit.

No more wasting money on expensive lip gloss. Any colour with any taste can be made at home. Just use the fruit or candy you like & matching food colours.

yum yum..


  1. commenting :P

    Your lip gloss I love :) i can still taste the strwberry though :)

    Keep blogging !!!! wanna see more.

  2. WAIT. does it keep though? :S wont it go mouldy?

  3. Hi Dee.. Yep it does. This is the second time I made these. First time was a few years ago & it never went mouldy..

  4. I know you're not supposed to but I WANNA EAT THAAAT!!! :D

  5. haaa! i never thought of making lip gloss!! how very wonderful :) thanks for sharing!

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  7. It keeps without having to be refrigerated? That's awesome.

  8. Chavie- :D It does taste fantastic!!
    BI- you're welcome.. :)
    Shahzad- Thank you for sharing..
    Tru- Hi, yeah.. It doesn't need to be refrigerated..