Thursday, March 17, 2011

Flower mobile - how to

Isn't a flower mobile the most wonderful, perfect gift for a newborn? Doesn't it become even more special if you make it with your hands rather than buying a plastic one at the store? Yes it does. :) For those newest additions in your life, or the lives of your friends, go on, make some flowers, whip  up some butterflies & viola, a flower mobile!

It's simple to make & beautiful to look at. Here's what you need & how to make it. Go on, find some yarn & a crochet needle..


A few crochet flowers

A few crochet butterflies

A wooden circle. i.e something like an embroidery hoop (I used a Sri Lankan hot pad, made of Palmyra leaves)
A few yards of ribbon
Needle & matching thread
A pair of scissors
Fabric glue

How to

Secure one end of the ribbon to the underside of the hoop with by making a stitch with the thread.

Cover the hoop fully with the ribbon using a bit of glue as you cover it.

Decide the lengths of the strings that you want the flowers hung from the hoop.
Using pieces of threads of desired lengths, hang the flowers & butterflies on the outer edge of the hoop by making stitches on both ends. i.e by making a stitch on the flower & then making another on the other end of the string on the hoop.

Once all the flowers & butterflies are attached to the hoop to your please, attach a loop made of wire to the top. Make sure that the hoop is not lopsided when hung & is balanced.

There you go.. A very pretty crochet flower mobile. They don't necessarily need to be crocheted flowers. In any case, I will put up how-tos on crochet flowers & crochet butterflies later.

And anyway, only babies like flower mobiles. This one, I hung in my room. :D 

See you later..


  1. lovely post and I CAN MAKE FLOWERS NOW! (thanks to youtube)..hehe...nice work!

  2. MC- I'll make one for you.. :)
    BI- Yippee!! So you'll make a mobile with them? :)